• Coordinate the MCSA's response to HIV & AIDS across the Connexion in accordance with the Conference 2005 HIV Resolutions
  • Ensure the establishment of structures and support for HIV & AIDS Ministries in all Districts
  • Mobilise resources to enhance HIV work and mantain donor relations
  • Represent the MCSA on platforms that deal with HIV & AIDS
  • Collect and disseminate information & publications on HIV & AIDS
  • Monitor funded HIV & AIDS programmes and report to both the MCSA and funders


  • Enhance budding and established interventions to HIV & AIDS across the Connexion
  • HIV Training and Capacity building across Connexion
  • Make presentations on HIV work at MCSA District and Connexional gatherings
  • Development,highlighting and replication of best practices across Connexion
  • Networks with partner organisations & government departments representing the MCSA
  • Organise HIV events according to health calendar such as candle-lighting & World AIDS Day
  • Establish and or support Community Home-Based Care groups to look after people Living with HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) as well as Orphaned and Vulnerable children (OVC's). Some of these groups are made up of youth
  • Establish in Methodist facilities Community- based HIV management Centres/Sites such as Hospices,Health restoration centres,non-medical counselling sites
  • Encourage the running of the the “full battery of Tests” including HCT at all Methodist gatherrings
  • Running, in Methodist facilities, soup Kitchens for OVCs coupled with after-care programs and psycosocial/spiritual support