Connexional Childcare Desk

Conference recognizes and affirms that all children are the “church now into the future”, the leaders of today and tomorrow. The Church firmly believes that the Connexion, Districts, Circuits and Societies must be encouraged to pay serious and urgent attention to the mission and ministry for Healing and Transformation by ensuring that the church becomes a child and youth centred church. In response the 2003-2010 Conference mandate, the Childcare Desk was established. The role of the Childcare Desk includes:

  • Co-ordination of childcare work in the Connexion
  • Guiding and supporting Districts towards compliance in children’s work.
  • Encouraging and informing children’s work practitioners.
  • Collecting and collating information about the range of children’s programmes at Connexion, District and local levels, through the support of District Mission Coordinators
  • Making sure that all matters concerning children are given necessary attention and carried out with vigour and integrity.
  • Monitoring Districts and local churches who initiate, promote, implement and/or evaluate programmes
The Districts and the circuits are encouraged to ensure that all children’s work is carried out within the legal frameworks of the countries in which the MCSA operates and our discipline, ensuring that we support and live up to the convention of the rights of all children and the Methodist rule of life: “Do no Harm”.