Natal Coastal District Synod Press Release: Taxi protests

Press Release: Taxi Operators/Driver’s Protests in Durban
Emailed to Independent Newspapers 

The Natal Coastal District Synod (of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa) meeting at the Pinetown Methodist Church from the 17th-20th May 2012 notes with concern the media reports about the taxi industry protests and associated incidents of violence that have unfolded over the past two days (17th and 18th May 2012) in the Durban area. Whilst the church acknowledges the constitutional rights of the taxi operators/drivers to march and raise their concerns with the authorities, the unfortunate acts of violence that resulted in incidents of looting, damage to public and private property, injuries to some drivers as well as commuters all which led to hundreds of public transport users being stranded, must be condemned. In this regard, the Methodist Church calls upon all the stakeholders in the dispute to engage as a matter of urgency with the view to finding a speedy resolution that will see the livelihoods of taxi operators being protected and the rule of law being upheld. Given the disruption this situation has caused and potential negative impact on the local economy and schooling, we call on the role-players to reinstate the public transport operations with delay and for commuters to be protected accordingly 

Issued by Bishop Michael Vorster 
19 May 2012