World Methodist Council

The MCSA is a member of the World Methodist Council, which is an association of the Churches in the Methodist tradition throughout the world that promotes unity and seeks to:

  • Deepen fellowship
  • Foster Methodist participation in the ecumenical movement
  • Advance unity of theological and moral standards
  • Suggest priorities in Methodist activity
  • Promote effective use of Methodist resources in the Christian mission
  • Encourage evangelism
  • Promote Christian education
  • Pray for and support needs of persecuted Christians
  • Encourage ministries of justice and peace
  • Study union and reunion proposals which effect Member Churches
  • Sponsor a Minister exchange program
  • Encourage the development of worship and liturgical life in Member Churches
  • Coordinate and support worldwide Methodist publishing interests
  • Through the World Methodist Peace Award, honor individuals/groups who work to bring reconciliation and peace in God's work

At the 2011 World Methodist Conference held recently in Durban, the MCSA's current Presiding Bishop, Rev Ivan Abrahams, was elected to serve as the incoming Secretary General of the World Methodist Council.