How do I add content?

We really hope that Methodists around the Connexion will build this site. You can add content to the site in several ways:

  1. If you have a news article that you'd like to see published on the site, you can send it to your District Reporter who will edit it if necessary and publish it. We have a designated reporter in each district - you can find out more here.
  2. You can add societies to our church database. To do that you'll need to know your circuit name, and then you can add contact details for your local congregation (telephone numbers, web addresses and so on). Importantly, you can identify your local church using a Google Map, which will help us in our efforts to map the entire connexion. When you add a new society, it will not appear immediately on the website, but only once one of the district reporters or website editors has approved your submission (this is to protect the site from spammers).
  3. You can add mission projects to our project database. Just like with adding a church, you can include a description of your project and various contact details, which will be published once your submission is approved by an editor.
  4. The names and details of ministers can also be added to the site.

We also value your ideas regarding other features that can be added to the site. Please let us know, using this feedback form (you can access this form anytime by clicking the envelope icon in the header section the website.